A la Carte

Nail Trimming

Nails Dremeled


Basic Styling
Includes nail trimming, ear maintenance, bath & blow dry, breed specific coat care.

CKC Show Dog Styling
Styling a dog for the show ring.

Spa Packages

Ultimate Spa:
Your choice of La Pooch Aloe Vera Panthenol with Vitamin E Deluxe Formula or, Pooch Bright Enriched with Aloe Vera, Swiss Chamomile & Pro Vitamin Conditioner.

Renew Spa:
Renew Bath Fresh Facial Scrub, Renew Aromatherapy treatment & nourishing Vitamin C conditioner.

Comfort Spa:
Comfort Bath, Comfort Aromatherapy treatment, & nourishing Vitamin conditioner.

Envy Eye Treatment
Removes tear & mouth staining.

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